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Strategic Content Batch

50+ thought leadership videos in 1 shoot.

Peter needed videos to help increase his presence on the LinkedIn timeline and get more exposure with the right people.In a single day shooting, we got 70 edited videos for LinkedIn & IG.

Jared needed content to launch his executive search company.In just 3.5 hours of shooting, we got 42 edited videos for LinkedIn which helped generate conversations with VC's and qualified leads.

Content strategy for Better Earth CPO.In 1 month with content, we got him:
72 sales recruits
52,4000 YouTube views
Over $8,000,000 projected MRR
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Selected Content Pieces

Hero Ad

Video assets for long term conversions.

TOTALITY Event Promo

We partnered with Dale Dupree and the Sales Rebellion to create an ad for their TOTALITY conference.We combined an 80's aesthetic with a skateboard movie style to create something completey unheard of in B2B.

Conversion Focused Explainer Video

Deeplawn called me up to build a homepage explainer to convert traffic from SEO.They needed an asset to explain the core benefits of deeplawn to a tech averse audience, while driving conversions.Since it's posting, Deeplawn has increased cold traffic conversions on their website by 22%.


Video assets for long term conversions.

Who is Danny Miranda?

My friend Danny Miranda wanted a piece to help share his story for new audience members & potential podcast guests.We helped codify his story in "Who is Danny Miranda?"

About TJV

Tiger Joseph
Founder - Tiger Joseph Video
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I started my video production journey 10 years ago making skateboard movies around my neighborhood.Since 2019, we've created ads, courses & content for high quality brands & entrepreneursOur video content has driven millions in sales, helped establish alt media companies & influence Presidential elections.

Past clients include: